Save Money
By Saving
The Planet

Posted 9th June 2020

"Switching to a single reusable water bottle can save me how much? 😱"

It's true! Ditching your single-use plastic water bottles can save you big bucks... and we mean BIG bucks!

The recommended daily water intake for the average adult is roughly 8 cups of water per day or 64oz. The average plastic water bottle holds only 16oz which means you'd have to drink 4 of these little environment killers every day. This also means you'd be buying at least 1,460 plastic water bottles per year.

How much does a plastic water bottle cost? Let's say $2... pretty cheap right? Think again! If you bought 1,460 bottles per year at $2 each you'd be spending a total of $2,920 every year on plastic water bottles. Yikes! That's a lot of money... not to mention a lot of plastic entering our landfills.

Make the switch! Instead, spend only $39.99 for a Bindle Bottle that can last a lifetime. Save your money and the planet... all with a single water bottle.

Do yourself a favor. Get a Bindle Bottle. Save even more with 20% off your next purchase with code: STASH20.

To the bold backpackers,
carefree yogis, active parents, or frankly, anyone who likes to moveβ€”we got you.

We intentionally created our daily essentials for life on the go. Each bottle is built with lightweight yet durable stainless steel and features up to 24 oz. of vacuum-insulated liquid storage, so you’re ready to take on any adventure that life brings you.

"Be part of the solution,
not part of the pollution"

- Bindle Bottle