Voluntary Recall FAQ


What is the reason for the recall? 

Bindle Bottle has become aware that the small finishing solder dot in the bottom dry storage container of our Water Bottles, including Puppy Packs, may contain excess amounts of lead. This potentially poses an exposure risk to lead if unpackaged food is placed in the dry storage compartment. 

What if there is already a rubber cover in my bottle’s storage compartment? 

This is good news and means that the area of concern has been covered and the exposure risk has already been addressed. Please note that we would be glad to send you replacement rubber covers in case the rubber cover in your compartment ever comes off now or in the future, something we do not expect will happen.

You may contact us anytime now or in the future for a free replacement cover by filling out a repair kit registration form or by contacting us at product_safety@bindlebottle.com.

What Should I Do? 
  • Stop using the dry storage compartment of the recalled bottles.
  • Contact Bindle Bottle to register for a free repair kit to be sent to you as soon as it is available.
  • Bindle Bottle will ship you a free repair kit as soon as it is available. Once the repair kit is applied, you may use your dry storage compartment.

 Can I use the bottle to drink my water? 

Yes. The stainless-steel interior of the water bottle has been carefully selected for its purity and is unaffected by this issue.

Have there been any reported injuries? 


How long will it take to receive my replacement? 

As soon as the repair kit is approved and ready, it will be processed and shipped out to you within 5 - 10 business days of a completed registration.

How can I tell if my product is recalled? 

All models and colors purchased before February 15, 2023 are included in this recall.