Our Story

The best plan, is no plan. We will help you be ready for the unexpected adventure. We will make the pockets in your board shorts, yoga pants, or gym shorts obsolete. No matter the adventure, we’ve got you covered. Built for convenience using lightweight, highly durable stainless steel, it’s nearly indestructible and ready for anything life brings your way. Featuring a water proof storage compartment for your valuables, and the volume capacity to hold enough water to carry you through the day, the Bindle Bottle is the only thing you need to grab on your way out the door.

Our Mission

We design premium products that offer simple solutions to everyday situations in the hydration space. Convenience, practicality, and design drive our product roadmap, and we strive to deliver peace-of-mind and an enjoyable experience to everyone who drinks from one of our vacuum insulated water bottles.

Our Vision

We live at the intersection of innovation and simplicity. Our goal is to keep you hydrated and organized, all while cutting down on the consumption of single-use plastics in everyday life. We believe there is a happy medium in creating premium products while not taking ourselves too seriously. Our mindset will forever and always be geared towards products that make others feel good and look good, 365 days a year.




"This bottle keeps my water cold for hours. The container is amazing and holds my keys, ID and money for when I’m working out or playing tennis. Would definitely recommend buying this bottle!"

- Debra S.




A simple idea that took shape in the form of a simple yet premium product, the two-in-one Bindle Bottle offers the best in hydration technology by using advanced construction and materials designed to keep your drink hot or cold for hours. The addition of an integrated storage compartment to keep your valuables conveniently safe and secure is the feature that makes Bindle truly unique, and represents the reason so many people have welcomed our product into their everyday lives.



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