Oprah's Favorite Things

"Never mind that these bottles keep drinks hot or cold. They actually stash keys, a credit card, and money in the hidden compartment at the bottom. Bye-bye, heavy-bag-schlepping!"

— Oprah

Amazon X Oprah
Small Business Hall of Fame

"We met through a mutual mentor and immediately bonded over our passion sports and the outdoors. Houston had a rough concept for a water bottle idea, and, recognizing the critical role that a water bottle plays in our daily lives, we worked together to develop the ultimate product: a fully insulated bottle with built-in storage. Neither of us will ever forget November 7, 2018: the day the Favorite Things list dropped. This may not surprise you, but on day one we saw our sales increase 100x. We had gone to bed as a relatively unknown start up and woke up as a legitimate business. It was both instantaneous and life-changing. And our business was now firmly "on the map" not only in terms of incredible sales velocity, but the accompanying press that came with our appearance on the list. Favorite Things took us on a ride beyond anything the most creative roller coaster designer could ever design, and the trajectory is only up from here!"


- Houston & Charlie

Bindle Bottle, Co Founders


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