We Eliminated Plastic From
All of Our Packaging

Posted 14th May 2020

Guess what?!

We are proud to announce that we are now 100% plastic free! As a company who makes reusable water bottles… we care a ton about making the world a better place. We decided to go a step further and commit to this mission by officially removing all plastic from our packaging!

The truth is...PLASTIC SUCKS. Literally...plastic sucks the life out of our beautiful planet. We all know it. Yet, most of us don't do anything about it. If this is true, then why is plastic so prevalent in today's day? Glad you asked! The ugly reality is that plastic is durable, cheap to produce, and, therefore, the world consumes it at staggering rates. Did you know that plastic can last 450 friggin' years in the ocean? Yeah...no thanks! Bindle Bottle wants to take a stand against this global consumption of single-use plastic. That's why we've switched to using recycled paper to package all of our goods.

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Why is recycled paper better than plastic?

Research shows that paper decomposes a lot faster than plastic… like 100s of years faster. Plastic can take anywhere from 400 to 1,000 years to decompose whereas paper is more widely recyclable. Due to recycled papers ability to decompose at quicker rates, it doesn’t act as a source of litter or pose a risk to wildlife. (BBC News).

So the next time you buy from us, rest assured that your new, reusable Bindle Bottle will be shipped to you in an eco-friendly fashion that includes a recycled box and bottle sleeve made from recycled paper for added protection.

"Nothing lasts forever. Except
plastic... that sh*t lasts forever!"

- Bindle Bottle