About The Bindle Bottle

The word "Bindle" describes a bag, blanket, or cloth tied to the end of a stick - a common contraption used by many train-hoppers of decades past to carry their essential belongings. The once iconic shoulder fixture has since fallen into obscurity, but people still need a place to store their everyday items.

So we decided to bring "Bindle" back.

Today, the water bottle has become a staple in the lives of millions of people - another daily item to keep on their person at all times. Other valuables have nowhere to live other than cluttered pockets or already-full hands. Bindle Bottle's integrated storage compartment and vacuum-sealed, dual-walled design will keep your hands free, your stuff safe, and your ice water cold.

We hope you the enjoy the journey, no matter which train you decide to hop.

Bindle: Life in a bottle.