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Hydration is important—as is having a designated place to store your keys, cash and post-run fuel. If you find yourself rifling through your bag looking for your house key after a run, or perhaps often find someone tapping your shoulder at the gym asking, “Excuse me, is this your membership card and key ring?” as you sip from a no-frills bottle, then the Bindle will save you time, give you a peace of mind and quench your thirst.

Bindle Runners World

The rotund, vacuum-walled bottle stores ice cold water and has a bottom compartment with room enough to store apartment and car keys, a small tub of Vaseline, a debit card and earphones. My only wish was that the bottom screwed up higher so it could doubly serve as a dish to keep hot oatmeal or cool yogurt inside for a small meal. —Amanda Furrer

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