With features ranging from built-in filtration to enviable good looks, these reusable water bottles make it easy to stay hydrated when you’re on the go.

No matter where we travel, we never leave home without a water bottle. And since every year brings new technological advances that help keep our beverages colder and hotter, our bottles lighter, and our water cleaner, there’s always a new one for us to try out. After extensive, hands-on testing of some of the newest bottles on the market, we’ve found the nine best bottles—including a few time-tested favorites—for just about any water-related travel need.

AFAR Bindle Bottle

The stealth storage solution ideal for beaches and day hikes.
You expect a water bottle to hold water, but because travelers tend to carry more than just that, the Bindle Bottle ($39) doubles as a wallet. Unscrew the bottom section of this vacuum-insulated vessel and you’ll find a small storage compartment.

Bindle Bottle Review: It’s just big enough for a hotel key or a few bills, which makes it handy on the beach: You can swim while your valuables hang out in relative secrecy. The Bindle Bottle is also useful at the gym (you can stash your locker key in the bottle instead of a pocket, which many workout clothes lack).

It’s not, however, ideal for running. Its double-walled construction and 24-ounce fluid capacity makes it too large and bulky to carry while logging your morning miles. Short hikes are OK: The cap’s broad handle makes it comfortable to hold while walking.

The wide opening accommodates ice cubes and fruit chunks (for those who like infused drinks) and the food-grade stainless steel ensures that no BPA or other suspicious chemicals contact your water. It even comes in multiple colors—which seems fitting for a bottle that can also serve as a handbag.

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