Bindle Blends: Volume 2, Glacier

Glacier Insulated Water Bottle

In sketching out our first lineup of color options, it was imperative that we capture the vibe of seaside Southern California, and more specifically, something unique to the hometown of Bindle Bottle – Encinitas, CA.

As we perused the town looking for options and inspiration, one of the most iconic features of our small beach town stood out as the obvious option: the light blue lifeguard towers that dot the coastline along our beautiful beaches in North County San Diego. Our Glacier Blue Bindle Bottle is a nod to those towers and has become our best-selling color in the lineup along the way, going so far as to be hand-picked by Oprah for her Favorite Things 2018 holiday gift guide. Befitting of a product that was born at the beach, the Glacier Bindle Bottle is a perfect accessory for a day in the sand, keeping your icy drink cold on a hot day while protecting your goods as you play in the waves.




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