The Top 5 Gifts to Give This Season

Our Most Popular Gifts This Year

Here’s the scoop – we know it’s “go time” so let’s cut to the chase… Below you will find Bindle’s top five most popular items with a cliff’s note about what makes them so great.
A quick and dirty list to easily browse, shop, and check those final few items off your list. Let’s get to it…
1.     Deep Sea Blue bottle – 20 fl. oz.
Our classic size in a fresh new color – and one that pays homage to the cause most near and dear to our hearts – the ocean. We don’t just love the sea, we deeply love it. And that special person on your list is certain to love finding our Deep Sea Blue 20 under the tree this year.
2.    Straw Lid
Definitely the most obvious “add-on” item we offer… in fact, over 50% of shoppers add a lid to their order! Already getting someone a new bottle? Sweeten the deal with an extra straw lid for those more ambitious activities.someone a new bottle? Sweeten the deal with an extra straw lid for those more ambitious activities.


The List Goes On...

3.     Puppy Pack
Available in 3 color options, this is unique and highly coveted item for dog lovers is truly a perfect gift idea. After landing on Oprah’s Favorite Things last year, the Puppy Pack has become one of our best-sellers overall. A fitting way to say “Happy Pawlidays!”
4.     Black bottle – 13 fl. oz.
Our slimmer 13 oz bottle shaped for all universal cupholders is a “great fit” for the person constantly on the go. New year, new you? The slightly smaller size also makes it ideal for a quick hike, walk, or light activity. Keep your valuables safe while getting in a quick sweat!
5.     Swami Sleeve
Our Swami’s offer a hands-free hack when you’re on the move. Easily stow your bottle plus belongings safely tucked into the bottom storage, and simply tuck your phone into the stretchy pocket! Swami’s are not only great for those who routinely have their hands full, they come in a number of stylish fabrics – truly a “yoga pant” for your bottle!


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