Metallica x Bindle

Lightweight Stainless Steel Meets Heavy Metal

When Bindle approached Metallica with an idea for a collab, they said “Carpe Diem Baby” and the partnership was born, leaving us to “Dream no More.”
The “Hero of the Day” was Bindle’s integrated storage compartment, which, as this humble author can attest to, puts a day’s worth of hydration and goodies “All Within My Hands.” Upstairs you’ll find plenty of room for a beverage of your choice – hot or cold. Anything goes, from “Iced Honey” to plain ol’ water that’s “Trapped Under Ice.” Or perhaps the day calls for a different kind of “Fuel,” perhaps a hot tea that tastes like “Sweet Amber.”


Nothing Else Matters

Compared to the competition, there really is no comparison – simply put, we’re “Better than You.” And unlike other “Disposable Heroes,” Bindle Bottles come with a limited lifetime warranty while each purchase contributes to the removal of plastic from our oceans. Bindle also offers a Puppy Pack, perfect for any canine, even a “Little Dog.”
Bottom line – we had the privilege of partnering with Metallica, made a sweet batch of custom bottles in our “Fade to Black” colorway, and at this moment in time, “Nothing Else Matters.”
13 puns in 4 paragraphs. I would make it 14, but I’m afraid it’s “Too Late Too Late.”


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