The Importance of Water on your Dog's Walk

How much water should I take on my dog’s walk?

When you get a dog, there are certain things that you must be very particular about. This includes their diet, health, hygiene and physical activity. As you must have seen, a dog has to be taken on walks literally daily, and maybe sometimes twice a day as well. Along with walking, just as human beings, dogs also require water to keep themselves hydrated. However, before going deep into the water consumption, let us first discuss the importance of taking your dogs for a walk daily.

What is the importance of taking your dog for a walk daily?

Walking is so much more than just spending some time with your dog and bonding with them. When dogs are taken for a walk daily, it helps them build a foundation for their physical and mental health. Everyone deserves and should see the world around them. Just as humans, if dogs are confined to the house itself, they will get bored, feel irritated, and that might adversely affect their behavior as well. Along with this, if they stay shut in the house, it will also lead to an increase in the dog’s weight. The increased weight would eventually lead to increased health problems too. Even if your dog is fully active in the house, they still need more space and time to vent out the energy that they carry within.

When your dog is out for a walk, they will also meet other dogs and more people on their way. This way, they will learn how to coexist with other living beings and be socially acceptable at the same time. Moreover, it will help them gain confidence and make new friends. On their way, they will also encounter various incidents which will only help them grow and learn from their surroundings. Along with this, it will also act like a training opportunity for your dog. Just like a baby, a dog does not know how to walk when they are born. It takes practice and time to get to that level. Thus, along with just walking, you can also teach your dog how to sit, stand, spin, etc. on your command.

Now, as we have discussed the benefits of walking in detail, let us move on to consumption of water during the walks. To remain healthy and lead a healthy lifestyle, the first thing that everyone suggests to us is to have a good water intake. Water is necessary at all times of the day, especially when we are exercising. This is because it helps in digestion, hydration of the skin, smooth bowel movement, aids in weight loss, etc. Similarly, when we take our dogs out for a walk, it is important for them to keep having water at regular intervals to keep themselves hydrated.

How much water is required on a walk?

Every dog requires a different amount of water to quench their thirst. It is dependent on various factors. We will discuss these factors, and by the end of this article, you will surely get a fair idea as to how much water you should carry with yourself while going on a walk with your dog.

1.      Consider the breed of your dog

Every breed of dog requires a different amount of water. It largely depends on the size of the dog, their body structure, and their intake requirements. Larger breeds of the dog would naturally require more water as compared to the smaller ones. On average, a dog needs one ounce of water per pound of their body weight. However, this also depends on the amount of physical activity they are doing per day. Dogs which are more active physically would require more hydration as compared to others.

2.      Weather conditions

The level of water intake would also depend on the weather outside. If you are taking your dog on a walk on hot days, they would naturally require more water to drink and keep their body cool. Even though proper hydration is required, you must also ensure that neither your dog drinks too much water at once, nor does it drink the water very fast. If your dog over-hydrates itself, they would tend to feel nauseous, which might also result in vomiting.

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