Gift with Purpose this Holiday Season

Gifts That do Good

At Bindle, we’ve become known for our legendary, patented, 2-in-1 insulated bottles. What you may not know is that each purchase of a Bindle Bottle is a 2-in-1 gesture itself! Not only do you get the satisfaction of supporting our small business (which is very rad, thank you, and you should feel great for doing it)…But you also help us contribute to making our planet a better place, and that benefits us all.
More specifically, we regard every sale as a 2-in-1 purchase because you get a sweet new bottle, and we instantly donate $0.70 from your order to CleanHub, our global partner that works to remove and responsibly dispose of ocean-bound plastics.


Supporting Small

Bindle’s contributions to CleanHub have resulted in the removal or prevention of over 2,700 lbs. of ocean-bound plastic year-to-date and the recovery of over 9,000 pounds of ocean-bound plastic since we launched our partnership.
This Holiday season, give the gift of a great bottle and allow us to “intercept” a pound of plastic from reaching the ocean while you’re at it! As always – thank you for choosing to use and gift a reusable water bottle, and thank you for supporting us so we may support such critical efforts that put our planet first. Cheers to you all…
Team Bindle


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