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stash your goods

Waterproof & scent-proof storage designed to keep your stuff safe


Cold stays cold, hot stays hot

Double-walled & vacuum-insulated construction keeps your drink hot or cold for hours

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18/8 Food-grade stainless steel & 100% BPA-free

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Bindle Bottle

Keep Your Bottle Full And Your Pockets Free

The water bottle has become a staple in the everyday lives of millions of people, but when you’re already carrying your keys, wallet and phone, it becomes one more thing to keep track of as you go about your day.

With Bindle Bottle’s integrated storage compartment and  vacuum-sealed, dual-walled design, your drink will stay cold and your pockets will stay free.

Bindle Bottle

Check Out Bindle Bottle In Action


Take a look at why Bindle Bottle is the simplest way to carry your drink and your essentials.


What if you could keep your drink close and your essentials even closer without anyone knowing? Each Bindle Bottle holds 24 ounces of liquid and provides 450 cubic centimeters of space to securely store your valuables in the bottom compartment. When developing Bindle Bottle, we prioritized stealth and security while you’re out in public. Unscrew the bottom, place your essentials inside, and rest easy knowing that your stuff – and your hydration – is within arm’s reach.


Innovation and simplicity were the two guiding product principles that drove the creation of Bindle Bottle, and our goal was a product that was equal parts practicality and convenience. Yogis and gym-goers, stash your keys, cards and small essentials in the hidden compartment. Hikers, wanderers, and festival goers: move freely and rest easy knowing your water is at-hand and your valuables are safe (especially that ever-important portable charger). No matter who you are, where you go or what you’re interested in, you’ll always find a use for Bindle Bottle.


Bindle Bottles are made from highly durable 18/8 food-grade stainless steel and BPA-free polypropylene components. Each bottle is dual-walled and vacuum-sealed to keep your liquids colder, longer. The storage compartment is waterproof and scent-proof for added safety and security. No matter where life takes you, Bindle Bottle is built to stay with you every step of the way.


We believe in simplicity: less is oftentimes more in today’s fast-paced world. Developing smarter systems to help organize your life is key to our mission. No lights, no sounds, just a simple compartment to consolidate the things you need into one useful, everyday item.

Thoughtfully Made

The materials, shape, and structure of the Bindle Bottle are there because you need them. When you buy one (or more), you’re getting a lightweight, durable accessory that gives you ultimate freedom with your everyday carry.

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